Equine Spinal Manipulation Therapy

In Florida, Spinal Manipulative Therapy is a veterinary term applied to animals in the same way that Chiropractic is used in human medicine. At Brandon Equine Medical Center, board certified surgeon Dr. Mike Maher is also a Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner and is licensed to perform Spinal Manipulative Therapy.

Equine Spinal Manipulation Therapy (ESMT) uses motion palpation to find joint restrictions and helps restore a normal range of motion to the joint. It is a drug-free and non-invasive treatment. ESMT revitalizes freedom of movement, relaxes the muscles and relieves pain. It can be used independently or combined with Acupuncture. ESMT is not limited to injured horses but can also benefit sport and working horses.

Dr. Maher can conduct evaluations and therapy treatments at the farm or at the clinic. The initial evaluation will include a physical and neurologic examination as well as a consultation on the horse’s history and the owner’s concerns.

For more information on how Equine Spinal Manipulation Therapy may benefit your horse contact Dr. Maher directly at mmaher@brandonequine.com or call 813-643-7177. Requests for appointments can also be made online.


Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for many different disease processes in the horse. Acupuncture can complement conventional medical and surgical therapies, and can be useful to promote recovery in some conditions such as acquired deafness, nerve injuries and other disorders that have no conventional treatments. For older horses, acupuncture is an effective treatment to reduce arthritic pain, stimulate the appetite, and increase their cognitive function and overall energy level. Overall, acupuncture is an effective treatment to improve the quality of life of the horses we love and serve.

At Brandon Equine Medical Center, ambulatory clinician Dr. Leanne Fowler is specially trained to administer acupuncture treatments. She received her training at the well-known Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Click here to learn more about veterinary acupuncture

For more information on veterinary acupuncture, Dr. Leanne Fowler can be contacted via email at lfowler@brandonequine.com or call 813-643-7177.

Requests for appointments can also be made online.